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We are well prepared to Register at Ministry of Industry & Commerce companies for Bahrainis & Non Bahrainis. Also we help existing Enterprises and/or company in changing their legal status.






Processing and handling like IMMIGRATION, LMRA, CPR, GOSI, and MINISTRY OF LABOR


About us:


"Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group was founded as the inevitable result of the desire of its founders who aspire to be part of this group of institutions leading consultancy working in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Among the main factors that encouraged the owners of this group to establish it, is the fact of what  Kingdom of Bahrain is witnessing  on the  contemporary construction boom that  necessitating the need to address the challenges at the level of urban development and what we are seeing of clear progress in the construction sector and reconstruction of real estate.


Additionally, the study that had been done by the owners of this group has produced a genuine need for the establishment of groups working in consulting in a professional manner with the application of principles and professional ethics, and the pursuit behind the for-profit comes in the framework of their commitment to quality, efficiency and responsibility towards the environment and society.

And What sets us apart is our own scientific knowledge and the experience of a long process and skills will enable us to keep abreast of what is new in the Bahraini market, particularly with regard to the themes consulting and real estate brokerage, sale and purchase of real estate , appraisal real estate management and property development and the establishment of companies and human resources management and systems related and providing consultancy in matters of accounting, building and construction, and preceded by the design and special planning. Accordingly, we:

• Strive towards the development of the rules of professional contemporary enable us to meet the challenges of the present and the expectations and aspirations of the future.
• Creating the level of ideas in the area of diversification of work and production.
• Insist on the values and add new concepts to the manufacture of the real estate market in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


The establishment side:

"Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group was established in the 18th  of the month of “Thulhejjah” 1429 Hijri, corresponding to the 18th  of the month of “December”  2008, according to the text of Decree No. (1) Finance of the year in 1961.


The purposes for which the group was founded:

The main purpose of establishing "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group is to maximize the wealth of the owners of the group through the preparation and advising, buying and selling, development and property management in a way better than the traditional methods, so in keeping with the spirit of the times at the local level and regional levels.

In achieving these objectives, "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group has been involved in a running wheel of the national economy, and to develop business management solutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain on the other side.


Our mission:

We are in the "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group share with the official and individual efforts, towards the process of development, and integrated, comprehensive process by contributing to the development and create a market predominantly investment, administrative and organizational multiple channels, and encapsulated in the principles and values and ethics of work and expertise, customs and history and pattern of administrative from the highest levels. This is reflected in our organizational culture.


Our Vission:

"Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group vision focus towards the management and development of modern methods and advanced diametrically opposed to traditional methods, and by adopting a clear vision, a clear specific purposes, and in providing various kinds of consultation, to buy and sell real estate through the development and update of property management, and to the update means and methods, and functions of assistance to reach the goals for all types of businesses and projects that aim to maximize the wealth and national participation and social development.


Our motto:

The motto of the "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group is to work on the development of methods and platforms for new investment advisory and walk towards a prosperous society and of more accurate and better  visions.


Our Goals:

"Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group aims to achieve the objectives established for it, which is about consulting in general, and real estate consultancy in particular by applying the principle of profitability and performance cost-effectively and efficiently.


Our principles and values:

"Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group adopt the philosophy of consulting and investment advisory and includes the concepts of investment, development and management, modernization of the means to ultimately result in maximizing wealth and adding value to all parties to the production in the Bahraini society. This can be translated in the form of values and principles believed by the group and work within it.


On the one hand, we believe the values and principles that make us closer to the concepts and experiences and heritage of this country, on the other hand believe that there is no room in modern times only to knowledge, experience and skills and sufficient capital to enable our group to exercise their sizes and global standards makes it among the leading player. As an example - not exclusively - of the principles and values that we believe in are as follows:

• Achievement and quality.
• Efficiency and effectiveness.
• Distinguished Service.
• Make a profit.
• Credibility.
• Share in the market.
• Partnership and networking.
• Institutional work.
• Communication and Community Partnership.
• Development and innovation and creativity.
• Responsibility


Philosophy and the conceptual development of consultancy:

"Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group, recognized that the consultancies of various kinds, including the real estate and branches, beyond the permitted limits for the majority of dealers in the real estate market to other investment areas, like the development and investment of real estates and properties management. In line with this came the ways and means of innovative accompanied this notion, but become an integral part of it. Based on what has happened,"Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group is seeking to absorb these concepts and apply them to the ground to be able to cover all the implications and interactions of economic, social and environmental scope of its work.


The concept of investment:

It is well known around the world since the beginning of 21 century that the concept of investment is that concept, which refers to the pursuit of an accounting factor (value added) to grow through capital period of time after the other.

For example, "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group see the set of the concept of investment in real estate means the need to identify what the real estate sector and what is intended, and how to divide the real estate market, how it can be identified by its characteristics, what are the various activities that can be exercised in this area. All of this would reach the stage that ensure the return by which multiply and growing wealth, while ensuring we do not miss in the other investment channels.

It also must be taken into hand fear of the relationship between the performance of real estate investment portfolios linked to an almost complete performance of economic activity and how to use natural resources in all areas of development


Advanced societies:

"Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group is willing to work within the system believes in and practice the concept of society evolving, since the establishment dimensions of past and absorption points in the end to the term community evolving aims that "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group defined as a market that can work in all operations consultancy.


Areas of work and services:


  1. Establishing companies
  2. Real estate consultancy diversity concepts: selling directly to end customer (the application of the retail method) - Real Estate Appraisal - Development and sale of real estate system (Bulk) (Method wholesale trade) - development and investment commercial complexes.
  3. Rehabilitation of real estate.
  4. Estate Management: Includes all types of real estate, particularly those subject to the investment regime or freehold.
  5. Research and studies: in the investment market in general and in the real estate market in Bahrain in particular, and share them.
  6. Rental of apartments, institutions and homes.
  7. Brokers in land and real estate.
  8. Preparation consultancy in business management and development of systems and regulations.

Preparation of consultancy in human resources, systems and regulations relating thereto.


The principle of partnership and communication:

One of the key principles which "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group believes, is a concept of partnership integrated with a wide range of stakeholders, beneficiaries, and the clients of the group, starting from the management group and continue with development partners from governmental and private sectors, investors and businessmen, financial institutions and real estate investment, also  building and construction sector with suppliers, contractors and the various owners and tenants of real estate at the level of public and private sectors, as well as the concerned business owners specially consulting firms and legal advisers, real estate agencies.


The main principles practiced by "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group is integrated partnership internalized on the policy of effective communication with all those referred to as the partners and beneficiaries, in the hope of greater return achievements in particular, and benefit from the expertise and resources available and possible with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency in general.

Additionally, "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group aims from all that to maximize the opportunities for investment and economic growth; to ensure participation in the operation of the economy and providing the appropriate climate and environment that allows the emergence of opportunities and make it clear for many venture capitalists with investment trends.


Strategy, policies and plans:

As "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group believes that the strategy is the means by which any institution can achieve its goals, foremost of which is diversification in the channels of investment, acquisitions and product development and retrenchment the geographical expansion , the preparation and dissemination strategy for the group, encompassing the identification of the message group and its goals is clear evidence of a sense of responsibility and commitment towards the community.

On the other hand, the presence of specific policies in "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group, help in the truth of the matter to the clarity of instructions and work methods, procedures, and rules of engagement, and identify management practices, all of this has helped to rush to work to achieve specific objectives.

This means that "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group take into account that they are responsible to all beneficiaries, partners and society as a whole, they feel a responsibility to the owners and their employees, customers and users of products and services, and is accountable administration to the Bahrain market in general, and the real estate market in particular.


Operational plans, programs and current initiatives:

Given the awareness based on "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group authorities, regarding the need for planning and development of operational plans and programs for the purpose of organizing processes and resources relating thereto, the Group's management has designed schedules of all aspects of consultative processes and to indicate precisely what must be done at any time, have known hierarchy of management plans, which started from a strategic overview to access to schedules and detailed proOn the practical side, the group began to acquire several properties, which are spread geographically in most governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The artistic side was preparing an automatic private program to document the real estate data of all different types, which is the core of most of the first integrated information systems for business purposes in "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group.


Meanwhile, the faith of "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group , the success is what these sites and substances indicates the leadership attribute of the group’s regulating. And because of the sensitivity and function of real estate valuation and its impact on the parties to the real estate market diversified, and the needs of this kind of work specialization and professional networking and expertise, standards had been developed and prepared for the process of valuing real estate.


How to deal with us :

Three-dimensional image of  "Jaffer Sabt Consulting" Group building.

The permanent headquarters of the group is in the building number (91), Road No. 1204 - Block 412 directly opposite to Bahrain Complex in Seef  District of Manama - near "Mermeriz commercial Centre".


The choice of this strategic site to be the permanent headquarters of the group due to the following:

• The fact that the building is located in the geographical location exactly opposite to the Seef district, which is filled with different kinds of corporate groups and different activities.
• The building to accommodate the required number of staff and services and other facilities required for the work.
• Near the site of the owners of associated services related to it.

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