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We are well prepared to Register at Ministry of Industry & Commerce companies for Bahrainis & Non Bahrainis. Also we help existing Enterprises and/or company in changing their legal status.






Processing and handling like IMMIGRATION, LMRA, CPR, GOSI, and MINISTRY OF LABOR


Jaffer abdulhussein Sabt Personal Information

Jaffer Sabt


Personal Information








Villa 113, Road 3905, Bani Jamra 539,



Kingdom of Bahrain




Contact Numbers


Mobile:   +973 39619040



Office:    +973 17553034



Fax    :    +973 17553039



Email  :   ja99sabt@hotmail.com




Marital Status












Present Post






Academic Qualifications








Preparation of PhD. Degree in Business Admin,
Damascus University






Master Degree in Business Admin,
University of Bahrain, (Very Good)






Higher Diploma in Business Admin,
University of Bahrain, (Excellent)






Bachelor of Admin,
University of Bahrain, (Excellent)






Diploma of Business Admin,
University of Bahrain, (Excellent)






Diploma of Admin Studies,

1976 – 1980


Miscellaneous Certificates,
Royal Institute of Art, UK




1972 – 1975


Economics and Administration courses






Commercial Diploma,
Manama Secondary School, Kingdom of Bahrain






Passed various courses in Economics and Administration







Job Experience






December 2008 – up to date


General Manager & Consultant,
Jaffar Sabt Consulting Group




August 2007 – July 2008


Grnata Real Estate




April – August 2007


HR Manager,




January 2006 – April 2007


Consultant – Grnata Real Estate




2007 – till present


Lecturer, Properties management




2003 – 2005


Director of Subscribers Relation,
The Pension Fund Commission




1990 – 2003


Director of Admin & Services Affairs,
The Pension Fund Commission




1980 – 1990


Head of Personnel Operations,
Civil Service Bureau




1976 – 1980


Supt. Of Employee Benefits,




1974 – 1988


Supervisor, Pension & Indemnities,



Lecturer in the following fields:

  • Admin. And Organization.\
  • Development and management of human resources.
  • Strategic Management.
  • Customer Behavior.
  • Business Policy Management.
  • Public Relations and Advertisement.
  • Commercial Law.
  • Financial Management.
  • Information Management Systems.
  • World Marketing.
  • Production and Operations Management.




Achievements & Participations






1971 – 1990


Participated in preparing many measures of personnel affairs, CSB, Kingdom of Bahrain






Supervised the programming of staff affairs measures as well as transferring of the Govt. Staff salaries from the annual handling to an automatic production, CSB




1999 – 2004


Participated in formulation strategies for the PFC together Arabic Language before they were submitted to the PFC’s Board of Directors




1990 – 2004


Prepared many developing studies and suggestions for the PFC




2001 – 2003


Proposed and implemented the work system, Pension Fund Commission






In-Charge of the Pension Bulletin




1990 – 2005


In-Charge of the preparation the PFC annual report (including finding of the financial and performance indicators for the PFC)






Participated in developing many policies and regulations of Civil Service, more important of which are:

  • Training and Developing of Human Resources.
  • All various kinds of incentive awards.
  • Promotion Regulation.
  • Staffing of Govt. Positions.
  • Disciplinary Actions.
  • Payment of Allowances.
  • All kinds of various leaves.






Suggested and implemented the development of the PFC website






Represented the PFC in board of directors of Public companies (director) such as Bahrain Car Parks Company, partially owned by the PFC.






Participated in international conferences from time to time in and out the Kingdom of Bahrain






Prepared the Book of the PFC Job Description which contained more than 180 job descriptions






Many time designed and redesigned the structure of the PFC many times according to the emerged environment and need






Prepared the personnel manual for the PFC






Participated in preparing the PFC financial Manual






Actively contributed in documentation processes of the PFC, most important of which are:

  • Issuing a book entitled: Admin & Fin. Policy of the PFC- “a general vision and analysis”.
  • Issuing a book entitled: Organizational Development of the PFC within a quarter of a century time.
  • Issuing a book entitled: The Public relations – a historical view.






Developed the Social Insurance Services Manual to the PFC, so to render the utmost quality to subscribers in both, civil and military pension systems.






Developed customer services function at the PFC to meet complaints and   to improve quality of services.






Prepared the following manuals to the PFC:

  • Customers Service manuals.
  • Public Relations manuals.






Many a time, assigned by the PFC Higher Mgt; to perform and/or supervise an important and sensitive Mgt. tasks most important of which:-
Preparation of the necessary subject-matters to put forth the opinion of the PFC in the Representatives Council. 
Assigned to revise many regulations and/or resolutions in order to add my opinion and contributions before they are issued & declared.







Committees Chaired






1971 – 1990


Many committees during my service at the Civil Service Bureau






The Committee of setting-up the chart of accounts for the Pension Fund Commission






The Committee of developing the Management Information System for the Pension Fund Commission




1993 -2002


The General Standing Committee of Tenders at the Pension Fund Commission




1994 – 1995


The Committee of re-engineering the computer systems at Pension Fund Commission - from the 3rd generation language to the 4th generation Language




2002 – 2005


The Users Committee at PFC






Deputy-Chairman of the Grievance Committee at PFC






A member of the committee of development and reforming of the Civil and Military Pension Laws






Bahrain Society for Training and Development of Human Resources






Society Service Committee in Bahrain Training and Development of Human Resources Society






Information Committee in Bahrain Training Development of Human Resources Society






Ex-member in Training Committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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