Prepares feasibility studies for different types of projects.

The main of which are :

  • Manufacturing Projects

    We provide our customers with a study that shows the positive/negative findings. Also we provide them with our reccomendations of how such projects would be and would not be profitable. Read More

  • Properties Projects

    It has become a world of real estate investment imperative is a must no longer possible to enter any real estate investment or project without being a study of this project is economically accurate Read More

  • Service Projects

    Services organizations are those organizations which render services customer or client like banks, insurance, companies and those who provide different types of services. Read More

  • Academic Projects

    Jaffer Sabt Consulting Group helps new private educational institute that ultimately are registered at the Ministry of Education as education provider unit. Read More

  • Financial Projects

    Usually financial models are the important indicators to show the expected financial position for the targeted business. It usually shows budgeted closing accounts, cash flow, Read More

  • Business Plan Projects

    Jaffer Sabt Consulting Group do Business Plan for different types of projects commodities/ or services rendering. Business plan is a vital for you a business man. Read More